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Steredenn PS3 rogue like-shmup, frenetic and chaotic space shooter game is available in ISO and PKG format with the fix and updates DLC 4.81/4.82. This game was developed by Pixelnest Studio and released Plug In Digital. In this game, the player’s boat is attacked by the other boats in the world. In the gameplay, 4 modes (normal, daily run, arena, superplay), thirteen terrific bosses, unique events, thirty atmosphere, twenty-five updates for your spaceship, thirty-five guns and hundreds of foes waves. So, overall this is a really nice game, and users should play this game to their console and play as well.

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Steredenn PlayStation3 Steredenn PS3 Download Steredenn PS3

Game Details

  • Game name – Steredenn
  • Series – Steredenn
  • Developer – Pixelnest Studio
  • Publisher – Pixelnest Studio
  • Size – 350MB
  • Mode – Single-player Mode
  • Genre – Frenetic and Chaotic Space Shooter video game

Steredenn is a fast fight, wild, and often unforgiving game. In every level, foes are placed in a random position so that the player now gets the idea. In the first stage, your battleship is outfitted with only rapid-fire blaster weaponry. After defeating the opponent crafts users can change their gun. Guns arrive in a wide variety of classifications: motor guns, energy guns, self-sufficient automatons, and even some skirmish guns. Picking a decent blend of guns shapes some portion of the game methodology; the craft can just hold 2 guns at any given moment.

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