Spider Man Shattered Dimensions Game PS3

Spider Man Shattered Dimensions PS3 ISO

Spider Man Shattered Dimensions ps3 iso is an action-adventure game. The game is based on the Marvel Comics book super-hero Spider Man. You can control 4 different versions of Spider man, every originating from a different universe in the Marvel Comics multiverse. Previous Spider Man voice actors Neil Patrick Harris, Josh Keaton, Dan Gilvezan, and Christopher Daniel Barnes every voice one of the 4 Spider men.

The game is released by Activision and developed by Beenox, Griptonite games. It was published in September 2017 in North America with full ISO and PKG format. This ps3 game revolves around a distortion proof named the Table of Chaos and Order. When it is shattered into pieces during a battle between Mysterio and Spider Man, it causes problems with multiple Marvel Universe realities. Spider Man Shattered Dimensions PS3 game received mostly positive reviews from critics and all other sites.

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Spider Man Shattered Dimensions PS3 Download
Spider Man Shattered Dimensions PS3 ISO
Spider Man Shattered Dimensions Playstation 3 PKG

Game Details

  • Game name –Spider Man Shattered Dimensions Game PS3
  • Series –Spider Man
  • Developer –Beenox
  • Publisher –Activision
  • Size –12GB
  • Mode – Single Player Mode
  • Genre –Action-adventure, Metroidvania and Stealth Game

You can control 4 editions of Spider Man, spanning the Amazing, 2099, Noir, and Ultimate universes. During some of the boss fights, this game switches to a first-person perspective mode. You can then use the analog sticks to control the given Spider Man’s arms, punching and kicking their competitor and dodging their attacks. The punches can also be developed by holding down certain buttons.

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Every universe’s Spider Man has their own unique combat style. Example – Amazing Spider Man uses a mixture of web and melee attacks. He can use a mixing up-close and long range fight. He can deal with increased damage from using guns and weapons crating by using webbing on the atmosphere. He can use the powers of the symbiote suit to overwhelm enemies, using skills, abilities such as symbiotic spikes and tendrils, together with Rage mechanic.

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