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Spelunky PS4 open source indie platform game is available in ISO and PKG format. The game was developed by Mossmouth and LLC and launched by Mossmouth and LLC. Furthermore, Spelunky game got a positive response from gaming authorities and it was published in October 2014. This game is a good game and because of that, it is available on MS Windows, Xbox, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and Chrome OS. I also played it on my PS4 and we also suggest you explore this game and experience the new class of Platformer and roguelike.

Spelunky PS4 ScreenShots

Spelunky PlayStation4 Spelunky PS4 Dpwnload Spelunky PS4

Game Details

  • Game name – Spelunky
  • Series – Spelunky
  • Developer – Mossmouth and LLC
  • Publisher – Mossmouth and LLC
  • Size – 250MB
  • Mode- Single and multiplayer Mode
  • Genre – Platformer and roguelike Video game

The user controls an unknown hero, called the spelunker. The point of the game is to investigate hidden underground tunnels, assembling however much fortune as could be expected while keeping away from traps and foes. The spelunker can hit or jump on foes to kill them. Get items that can be launched to either assault foes or set off traps, and use a constrained supply of explosives and ropes to travel the hollows. Later locations include more important fortunes, secret locations, and things. On the off chance that the character loses each one of their souls or keeps running into a moment execute trap, they should start from the earliest starting point.

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