Sonic Adventure 2 Game PS3

Sonic Adventure 2 PlayStation 3

This PS3 ISO and PKG game is an action-adventure and platform video game. This PlayStation 3 game was released by Sega and developed by Sonic Team USA. Sonic Adventure 2 was the last game for the Dreamcast after Sega discontinued the console. It was published in October 2012. Many features are available in this game such as 2 good-vs-evil stories: Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles “Tails” Prower and Knuckles the Echidna. The story is divided into 3 gameplay formats.

The first name in those formats is fast-paced platforming for Sonic and Shadow. Multi-directional shooting for Tails is the second format in the game. The third format is Eggman. The name of the last format is action-exploration for Knuckles and Rouge game. Sonic Adventure Two PlayStation 3 is a Three Dimensional video game. Total 6 playable players available in this video game and divided into 2 crusades: Hero and Dark. Every player on each side has a playing style like alternate players as an on the side.

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Sonic Adventure 2 PS3 Free Sonic Adventure 2 PS3 Download Sonic Adventure 2 PS3

Game Details

  • Game name – Sonic Adventure 2 PS3
  • Series – Sonic
  • Developer – Sonic Team USA
  • Publisher – Sega
  • Size – 2GB
  • Mode – Single Player
  • Genre – Action-adventure, Platform game

The user journey through the Hero, Dark crusades, exchanging between them voluntarily. Every crusade pushes through stages of its 3 players, recounting diverse sides of the story. Stages have an assortment of topics, with some taken after from boss fights. In parallel, 2 battle stories happen; finishing the 2 crusades opens the final story with each of the 6 players, coming full circle in the final boss fight.

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This Sonic game received great reviews from gaming critics and other reviewers. Reviewers praised the game from multiple playing formats. Sonic Adventure 2 able to sell 1 million copies. In the United States, and able to earn 44 million US dollars. This game is one of the best-selling GameCube games. So, this is a very nice game and you should try it on your gaming platform.

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good game :)

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