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Singularity PS3 video-game is available in iso and pkg format and it is a first-person shooter game. This game was released by Activision and developed by Raven Software for PS3, MS Window and Xbox 360. Singularity was published in June 2010, for PS3. Best game engine use in the game and the engine name is Unreal Engine 3. USA Undercover agency appoints the U.S Recon marines to investigate the accident. The story begins when the electromagnetic attack damages the USA spy satellite.

Furthermore, Both modes single player and multiplayer campaigns are available in the game. Two gameplay modes are available in Multiplayer mode. In these modes, the user can play as a Soldier or as a creature and both have their own classes, different styles of combat. The first one mode in multiplayer modes is TDM (Team Deathmatch). The second mode is Extermination in multiplayer mode. The game is published with a good quality of sounds and graphics which attracts the user’s interest in the game.

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Singularity free Singularity free Singularity free

Game Details

  • Game name – Singularity PS3
  • Series – Singularity
  • Developer – Raven Software
  • Publisher – Activision
  • Size – 5.99 GB
  • Mode – Both single player and multiplayer
  • Genre – first-person shooter game

It allows the user to control the player of Captain Nathaniel Renko (the main character). When a group of U.S Recon Marines goes to investigate the accident another attack destroys their choppers on the Katorga-12. Many features added in the game and time can be handled by the Time Manipulation Device. This device is powered by the E-99 core and items can move backward and forward in the time by using this device.

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I played Singularity PS3 game on my console and I like everything about the game like -gameplay of the game, effects, new features graphics, and many more. Time Manipulation Device can charm anyone and hold it indefinitely. TMD emits the energy pulse that can kill foes. Living beings and items which have contact with E-99 can only be affected by the TM Device. More features some living beings added. they are connected with E-99 like Spetsnaz troops, they are heavily armored.

More Info: – I hope friends you will get your favorite game Singularity for your ps3. We are regularly uploading new best ps3 games on this website. If you want any other game for your ps3, leave a comment in comment section with game name.

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