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Saw 2 Flesh and Blood PS3 available in ISO and PKG with update DLC CFW/OFW 4.81/4.82. The game is a 3rd-person adventure game for PlayStation 3. Both custom formware and official firmware users can play this game so easily on their gaming console. The developer of this game is Zombie studio and the game is released by Konami for the PS3, and Xbox 360. Saw Two Flesh and Blood PS3 game is the 2nd game in the series of Saw games and similar to the Saw game. The game is published in October 2010, for PlayStation 3.

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Saw 2 Flesh and Blood PlayStation 3 Saw 2 Flesh and Blood PS3 Download Saw 2 Flesh and Blood PS3

Game Details

  • Game name – Saw 2 Flesh and Blood
  • Series – Saw
  • Developer – Zombie studio
  • Publisher – Konami
  • Size – 2.9GB
  • Mode – Singleplayer mode

Saw 2 Flesh and Blood PS3 game highlights the characters to control the main player of Michel son of David Tapp. Michel is the main player of the game who tries to find clues to his father’s death. When Michel tries to find the clued he became the target of the Jigsaw killer and his secret disciple who wears the costume of the pig head. As with the previous game in the game the player has many abilities like to search the places where he can find the weapons, health, and clues to go forward.

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