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Rime PS4 adventure puzzle game is available in ISO and PKG format. It was developed by Tequila Works and launched by Grey Box, Six Foot. This game was published in May 2017. Furthermore, the Rime game received favorable reviews from gaming authorities. This is a video nice PlayStation 4 game and because of that, it is available on MS Windows, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. The game follows a boy arriving at and exploring a magical island with a fox-like spirit as a guide. I play Rime game on my gaming console and I like it.

Rime PS4 ScreenShots

Rime Playsataion4 Rime PS4 Download Rime PS4

Game Details

  • Game name – Rime
  • Series – Rime
  • Developer – Tequila Works
  • Publisher – Grey Box, Six Foot
  • Size – 4GB
  • Mode- Single-player Mode
  • Genre – Puzzle Video game

Rime PS4 is controlled with a 3rd-person point of view as the character’s role a young boy. He has reached aground on a relinquished island. The user can make the child run, climb, move things, and push or pull heavier things over the island’s landscapes. The users can likewise have the child yell or sing. That can trigger specific events fixing to close-by statues, for example, creating an entry path open for a constrained time of period. Through those commands, the users solve complex environmental puzzles. A portion of the puzzles depends on the utilization of viewpoint, using a unique turret-like element to set a few different things.

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