Rebel Galaxy Game PS4

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Rebel Galaxy

Rebel Galaxy PS4 space Western-styled space trading and combat simulation is available in ISO and PKG formats. This ps4 developed and released by 2-person studio Double Damage Games. Rebel Galaxy PS4 received favorable reviews from gaming experts. We have also played this game on the PS4 and We really like it. The game highlights space fights in capital ships in a randomly created world. While non-player contender specialty and gunships are equipped for 3D moving. The user and other capital ships are limited to a 2D plane of development with a fight concentrating on using broadsides to assault and thrashing adversary ships.

Rebel Galaxy PS4 ScreenShots

Rebel Galaxy PS4 Rebel Galaxy PlayStation4 Rebel Galaxy PS4 Download

Game Details

  • Game name – Rebel Galaxy
  • Series – Rebel Galaxy
  • Developer – Double Damage Games
  • Publisher – Double Damage Games
  • Size – 2.4GB
  • Mode- Single-player Mode
  • Genre – Space flight simulator video game

Like prior space pilot training program games, for example, pilfering, exchanging, or abundance chasing. Notwithstanding finishing narrative objectives to propel the story. Rebel Galaxy is a swashbuckling space adventure. With activity stuffed fight, exploration, exposure, exchange, and “negotiation” with the stunning natives at the edge of the known world. As the leader of a hugely ground-breaking star destroyer. Users will battle privateers, study irregularities, Get to know aliens, search battle destruction, mine space rocks, and find relics.

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