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Outlast survival horror PS4 game is developed and released by Red Barrels. The game has many unique operations like walk, sprint, crouch, and diving, climb stairs and vault over items. Users are not able to beat the foes, and also must depend on underground tricks like the hide in cabinets, hide past foes, visiting in the darkness and hiding back boxes and drums. Users can try to outrun their chasers. In the game If a player dies then the game will autoplay at the checkpoint. Most maximum of the hospital is blurred. The single path for the character to see. While in dark is through the camera equipped with nighttime mode.

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Outlast Game Details

  • Game name – Outlast
  • Series – Outlast
  • Developer & Publisher – Red Barrels
  • Size – 6.1GB
  • Mode – Singleplayer mode only
  • Genre – Survival and Horror video game

Gamers can able to see in the night with the help of a camera that has a night mode. Night modes use power very slowly. So players need to find more extra batteries to more continue in the night version. Outlast have a unique highlight of alarms and sound cues. Which initiate character if an attacker has seen them. If the user records the particular events with their camera, Milles will write a not about it, giving more insight into his thoughts. The game has great positive criticism from the authorities.

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