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Okami action-adventure PS2 game is developed by Clover Studio. The game was released by Capcom. The video game published in April 2006. It launched in PlayStation 2 gaming console in 2006 in North America and JPN, in EUR and Australia 2007. After few months of the same initial publication, an edition for Nintendo’s Wii gaming console and it was developed by Ready at Dawn, Tose, and Capcom. That was published in JPN in October 2009, In EUR in June 2008, in North America in April 2008.

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Okami GameDetails

  • Game name – Okami
  • Series – Okami
  • Developer – Clover Studio
  • Publisher – Capcom
  • Size – 2.4GB
  • Mode – Single player mode only
  • Genre – Action and adventure video game

Okami was played by the single player mode and there are a distinct Sumi-e-inspired cel-shaded visual style in the game. The Celestial Brush, a gesture-system to perform miracles. Okami is the last PS2 game that was chosen before the release prior to the PS3 game. This game received critical acclaim and achieve the title of Game of the Year IGN’s 2006.

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