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Numantia PS4 turned-based strategy game is available in ISO and PKG formats. The PS4 game developed and released by Recotechnology S.L. This video-game set in the old battle between Rome and the town of Numantia. In a battle that lasted for more than 2 decades. Numantia received a positive response from the gaming critics. After the Romans crushed Carthage in the Second Punic Battle, they got a dependable balance in Iberia. Shockingly, Iberia was brimming with Celtiberians, the nearby assortment of Celts, who didn’t much like being won.

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Game Details

  • Game name – Numantia
  • Series – Numantia
  • Developer – Recotechnology S.L.
  • Publisher – Recotechnology S.L.
  • Size –  1.5GB
  • Mode- Single and Multiplayer Mode
  • Genre – Strategy

This video-game begins with the Second Celtiberian Battle. When the Romans blamed the city for Segeda of building dividers in rupture of their treaty. Rome sent in 30K troops under Quintus Fabius Nobilitor while the Segedans, having not completed any dividers, fled to the more defensible city of Numantia. Thus began a progression of Roman army goofs that in the long run pulverized the Celtiberians. At the point when the battle comes, the player will have the ability to pick what troops the player will take, up to the situation’s furthest reaches of around fourteen.

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