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Mousecraft PS4 action-adventure puzzle strategy game is available in ISO and PKG formats. Mousecraft PS4 game developed and launched by Crunching Koalas. Mousecraft PlayStation 4 is actually a nice game for the PS4 and it published in July 2014. This game received a positive response from gaming authorities. In this puzzle game, users encourage Schrödinger, the mad Cat investigator, in completing his puzzling, mice-fueled invention. Heap up Tetromino bricks to make a safe way for however many mice as possible, accumulate collectibles, fight foes, use different kinds of squares, explode objects, and evade environmental risks in eighty handcrafted stages.

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Mousecraft PloayStation 4 Mousecraft PS4 Download Mousecraft PS4

Game Details

  • Game name – Mousecraft
  • Series – MouseCraft
  • Developer – Crunching Koalas
  • Publisher – Crunching Koalas
  • Size – 150MB
  • Mode- Singleplayer mode only
  • Genre – Puzzle and Action-adventure video game

In the game, experience a remix of 2 exemplary interactivity mechanics: Pile up Tetromino bricks to make a safe path for whatever number of mice as could be expected under the circumstances. Find an epic narrative of a crazy feline researcher.  He is attempting to open the ability of a baffling, mice-fueled machine. Annihilation obstacles, defeat holes and assemble collectibles by using diverse sorts of squares, be them touchy, destroying, or even jam ones. Demonstrate player’s stacking capabilities in player’s own style-solidify the game by using the active pause feature or increment the speed whenever the player needs.

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