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karateka ps3 iso

Karateka ps3 iso and pkg (PSN) game is a martial arts action video game and the game is developed by Jordan Mechner and Liquid Entertainment. It was released by D3Publisher and Yale University. The game is also released in full PKG and ISO format for PlayStation 3. This game is also available for PS3 Jailbreak and it was published in 1984. The game was officially programmed for the Apple II, and then widely ported. Karateka PlayStation 3 game is one of the earliest fighting games.

In this game, you can control an unnamed protagonist who is attempting to rescue his love interest and Princess Mariko, from Akuma’s palace-fortress. The game displays a mixture of a side-scrolling platform and fighting game factor similar to a beat ‘em up. You can uses kicks, punches and kung fu moves to defeat Akuma and his army and make his way deeper into the castles.

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Karateka ps3 iso
Karateka ps3 download
Karateka ps3 pkg download

Game Details

  • Game name – Karateka The Game
  • Developer – Jordan Mechner
  • Publisher –D3Publisher
  • Size –2GB
  • Mode – Single Player Mode
  • Genre – Action Game

In this game, the user is introduced to the nameless hero. As he ascends a hill into Akuma’s castle’s to defend Princess Mariko. As the player directs the hero into the castle, different enemies appear and attempt to stop the hero. Once in a combat stance, the character kicks and punches at every foe, while trying to dodge their attacks. The player’s health and power, shown by a bar on the bottom right of the computer screen.

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After all, the player will access and face Akuma in the last conflict. Once Akuma is defeated, the user is able to buckler Mariko. If the characters get too close while still in his battle stance, the princess will kill him in one blow. Once Mariko is freed, the princess and the hero leave in the fortress together.

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