Heavy Fire Shattered Spear Game PS3

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Heavy Fire Shattered Spear

Heavy Fire Shattered Spear PS3 game on-rails shooter game has been launched in PKG and ISO format. Heavy Fire Shattered Spear PlayStation 3 game developed by Teyon and released by Mastiff. This is also a really nice game in the Heavy Fire game series and published in January 2013. This game the continuation of Heavy Fire: Afghanistan, in which troopers are sent after a caught spy who holds the plans for a secret Iranian atomic guns facility. End of all this is a really nice game on the PS3 console, get it for your PS3 and explore it.

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Heavy Fire Shattered Spear PlayStation3 Heavy Fire Shattered Spear PS3 Download Heavy Fire Shattered Spear PS3

Game Details

  • Game name – Heavy Fire Shattered Spear
  • Series – Heavy Fire
  • Developer – Teyon
  • Publisher – Mastiff
  • Size – 1GB
  • Mode – Single-player Mode
  • Genre – On-rails shooter video Game

Heavy Fire Shattered Spear PlayStation 3 game was earned mixed reviews from the gaming critics and all other gaming platforms. This game puts users on the bleeding edges of a definitive bad dream – Iran’s dispatch of an atomic-tipped ICBM. Users’ experience starts in Afghanistan, where players dive deep behind enemy lines to protect a covert agent holding basic data. Next, users use weapons, bombs, machine guns, shotguns, skillful sniper rifles, helicopters, containers, and the might AC-130 as users shoot their way finished the Iranian outskirt and into the dispatch site. Once there, users discover the ICBM’s powered and on conclusive commencement to dispatch.

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