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Escape Plan

Escape Plan PS4 puzzle genre was developed by Fun Bits Interactive and Wholesale Algorithms. It is a very nice game and released by Sony Computer Entertainment America. This game published in December 2013, for the PS4 console. Escape Plan PS4 usually received positive reviews by critics and all gaming platforms.

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Escape Plan PS4 Escape Plan PS4 Download Escape Plan PlayStation 4

Escape Plan Game Details

  • Game name – Escape Plan
  • Series – Escape Plan
  • Developer – Fun Bits Interactive & Wholesale Algorithms
  • Publisher – Sony Computer Entertainment America
  • Size – 4.6GB
  • Mode – Singleplayer only
  • Genre – Puzzle game

In the gameplay of Escape Plan, the user controls 2 players, Lil and Laarg, through a sequence of booby-caught rooms using the PS Vita’s front, movement controls. The signal based control mode requires the user to follow directions for the players and tap barriers to move them off the baffling way and clear a way for them. Traps go of a singular block lying on the ground to colossal turning fan sharpened edges. The inability to manage Lil and Laarg to wellbeing, for the most part, appears in a horrible death.

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