Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit Game PS3

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Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit

Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit is a fighting game for PlayStation 3. It is released by Atari and developed by Dimps in Australia and North America. Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit was published in Japan, North America, and Europe in June 2008 and in Australia in July 2008. This ps3 fighting game was also available in ISO and PKG format with all updates and downloadable content.

Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit PS3 Download allows the user the opportunity to let their character battle. The user can play this game in online and offline mode. In offline mode, the other character is controlled by the CPU. The game became a top rated fighting video game for the PS3. Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit Play Station 3 game was also nominated for a Spike Video Game Award for the best fighting video game. At the time of publishing, this game also receives positive reviews from the gaming reviewers and platforms. Some criticize this game because of the many stages and players are similar to each other.

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Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit Playstation 3

Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit PS3 PKG

Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit PS3

Game Details

  • Game name – Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit Game PS3
  • Series – Dragon Ball Z
  • Developer – Dimps
  • Publisher – Atari
  • Size – 5GB
  • Mode – Single player and multiplayer modes
  • Genre – Fighting

In this game, the users take control and fight one of the other players from the Dragon Ball Z series. Characters are also given the skill to partner with another player within the game. More features in this game, another attack power is Aura Spark mode. In this mode, users can utilize heavy attacks. These appear in the form of in-game cut scenes. That can affect the game-play and overall outcome of the match.

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There is one another mode of play this game called Z Chronics. This mode is the main mode in this game. It allows the users the opportunity to relive key points from the Saiyan saga to the Cell Games story arc. Furthermore, there are 2 exclusive story modes in Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit game. In the 1st story-mode, Bardock defeats Frieza and finds himself in an unknown place on the Earth. While in the last one story-mode, Broly journeys to the Earth in search of Goku.

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