Devil May Cry DMC

Devil May Cry DMC is a hack and slash and action-adventure video game. This game published by Capcom and by Ninja Theory. Developers develop this game for MS Windows, PS3 and Xbox360 consoles. The game is the fifth main title of the Devil May Cry game series. DmC game story based on the user character Dante. Dante a young man at the start of his saga and he is a Nephilim (means half-angel, half-demon). The player associated with his brother and his brother’s name is Vergil. He is on a quest to kill the Demon King Mundus. Who killed their mom and condemned their dad to banishment: the punishment of being sent away from a country and some other place.

Angle mode is available in this game and in this mode lows user pull himself towards enemies or various points in every stage. The second mode is Whilst Devil and this mode lets you pull enemies or objects towards you. Users also use dash across large gaps in Angel mode. Every move can be used in conjunction with all others to perform combos. Which are grow up based on the damage of the user makes. When enough power has been gathered then users can enable the Devil Trigger mode. Devil Trigger slows down time around the user and levitates enemies into the air, allowing the user to perform much stronger action and attacks.

Devil May Cry DMC ScreenShots

Devil May Cry DMC

Game Details

  • Game name – Devil May Cry DMC
  • Series – Devil May Cry
  • Publisher – Capcom

DmC ps3 video game received the most positive reviews from gaming critics and other gaming sites. The reviews of this game appreciate this game for the storyline, fight-style, effects and other features. End of all this is a very nice video game to play on the playstation 3 gaming console. I had also played this game and i love it. As a gaming character, users can use Dante’s iconic signature handguns, sword, Rebellion, Ebony Ivory, and many more weapons.

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yunus August 5, 2021 - 2:53 am

to all the people who cant seem to get it to work because you get the renew license error… :

this guy explains very easy how to fix that…

agosp22 October 2, 2021 - 6:55 pm

please help me , my ps3 CFW can’t read that disc. is there anything i can do for this ??

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