Dead Space Extraction Game PS3

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Dead Space Extraction

Dead Space Extraction PlayStation 3 game is a Rail shooter video game. The game is released by Electronic Arts and developed by Visceral Games, Eurocom. This interesting game is created by Jason Graves. This game was published in January 2011. Dead Space Extraction PS3 game is the limited edition of Dead Space two. This awesome game takes place before the events of Dead Space. It revolves around space colonists from the Aegis VII. The colony fighting against the infection of Necromorphs created when the Red Marker is removed. Necromorphs are the re-mastered, mutated corpses of humans.

The storyline of this video-game is based on a small crew of miners, among them, Sam Caldwell, Who is helping extract the Red Marker from Aegis VII. The crew begins to suffer hallucinations. Who is killing his crewmates in possible self-defense. Many new features added in this first-person rail shooter game like new enemies and characters, new weapons and areas.

Dead Space Extraction ScreenShots

Dead Space Extraction Dead Space Extraction Dead Space Extraction

Game Details

  • Game name – Dead Space Extraction
  • Series – Dead Space
  • Developer – Visceral Games
  • Publisher – Electronic Arts
  • Size – 4GB
  • Mode – Single Player
  • Genre – Action, Shooting

Players can also have some degree of control over the camera. Dead Space Extraction game also features the pointer function The Wii remote for aiming at the enemies and can also be controlled through the Wii Zapper. By twisting the Wii Remote or Wii Zapper activates a weapon’s secondary firing mode and swinging the Nunchuck can perform a melee attack or shake off enemies that have grabbed onto the player.

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Users can also use a kinesis option at any time to make objects float, draw closer. Players also throw items, boxes, and other objects at enemies. Kinesis option can be used to grab flying projectiles and fire them back. The story of t this game is very nice and the full story is based on a small crew of miners, among them Sam Caldwell. They are helping extract the Red Marker from Aegis VII.

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