Dead Space 3 Game Xbox 360

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Dead Space 3 Xbox 360

Dead Space 3 Xbox 360 game was published in February 2013. This is a survival and horror game and 3rd main installment in Dead Space game series. This game is similar to the Dead Space and Dead Space 2 games in this series. It was released by Electronic Arts and developed by Visceral Games. This game a very nice game and 1st game in this series to features online co-op multiplayer mode.

Dead Space Xbox 360 ISO and Jtag game received positive reviews from gaming critics and gaming platforms. Critics praised the game’s rewarding action gameplay. The main focus of this game on action over horror, as well as weak and unfocused story compared to its predecessors. The game also features free and paid downloadable content (DLC) available in this game.

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Game Details

  • Game name – Dead Space 3 Game Xbox 360
  • Series – Dead Space
  • Developer – Visceral Games
  • Publisher – Electronic Arts
  • Size – 17GB
  • Mode – Single player & Multiplayer mode
  • Genre – Survival and Horror game

Players take the role on Clarke against the Necromorphs, who serves as the primary antagonist of the franchise. The RIG suit returns using holographic screen projected from the character’s suit and weapons to display power and ammo count, respectively. In vacuum locations, a timer will appear on the character’s right side shoulder. The timer showing how much oxygen that player has left before they suffocate.

DS3 game has a drop-in or drop-out online co-op mode for its campaign. Carver’s presence unlocks 3 co-op-only side missions. Mostly concerning the character’s past as an EarthGov soldier and his troubled relationship with his child and wife.

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