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Dark Rose Valkyrie is a role-playing game is available in ISO and PKG. Dark Rose Valkyrie PlayStation 4 game developed by Compile Heart and launched by Idea Factory. This is very a great game for the PS4 console and it published in July 2016. Dark Rose Valkyrie PS4 received positive reviews from gaming reviewers. The game yet additionally incorporates visual novel segments where the user must meeting players to recognize a potential double-crosser among the user’s gathering of players. Like ongoing interaction mechanics found in Ace Attorney and Danganronpa games, the user must audit announcements from players and endeavor to recognize inconsistencies in their accounts of events.

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Dark Rose Valkyrie PlayStation4 Dark Rose Valkyrie PS4 Download Dark Rose Valkyrie PS4

Game Details

  • Game name – Dark Rose Valkyrie
  • Series – Dark Rose Valkyrie
  • Developer – Compile Heart
  • Publisher – Idea Factory
  • Size – 7.2GB
  • Mode- Single-player Mode
  • Genre – Role-playing

The game set in another historical rendition of JPN in 1929 managing the repercussions of a fallen shooting star called the “Black Garnet”. The shooting star begins the spread of a sickness named “Chimera”. That makes individuals transform into dangerous and deadly creatures, prompting the passing of three percent of the total populace and the disease of some more. The user takes control of the player of Asahi.

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