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Chivalry Medieval Warfare PS3 multiplayer hack and slash game is available in ISO and PKG format with update DLC 4.81/4.82. Chivalry Medieval Warfare PlayStation 3 game was developed and released by Torn Banner Studios. This game is placed in a fictional world and was published in February 2015. This game gained positive reviews from critics and other gaming portals. The game has sold one point two million copies in August 2013 and as of October 2014, the game has sold two million units worldwide. This is a really nice and well-placed up hack and slash game.

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Chivalry Medieval Warfare PlayStation3 Chivalry Medieval Warfare PS3 Download Chivalry Medieval Warfare PS3

Game Details

  • Game name – Chivalry Medieval Warfare
  • Series – Chivalry
  • Developer – Torn Banner Studios
  • Publisher – Torn Banner Studios
  • Size – 1.1GB
  • Mode – Single and Multiplayer mode
  • Genre – Hack-and-Slash video game

Gallantry has similar gameplay mechanics to the Age of Chivalry and Half-Life II mod made by a similar developer, Torn Banner Studios. The fight is basically melted, done from either a 1st or 3rd person viewpoint. Also, using ancient actualizes of war: swords, maces, longbows, and more other weapons of the time are used to hack, crush, and rain bolts downward on foes. The game likewise adds ballistae, slings, and bubbling oil to use on opponents and their fortifications. Online events are influenced by objective-based gameplay.

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