Bridge Constructor Game PS4

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Bridge Constructor

Bridge Constructor PS4 physics-based simulation-Puzzle game is developed by ClockStone. The game was released by Headup Games. This was published in December 2017, for PS4. Bridge Constructor ps4 usually gained mixed to average reviews of the gaming reviewers. The game depends on arranging out a building over a river and ravine using several parts, restricted by the geometry of the area and the aggregate price of the parts.

Bridge Constructor PS4 Screenshots

Bridge Constructor PS4 Bridge Constructor Playstation 4

Bridge Constructor Game Details

  • Game name – Bridge Constructor
  • Series – Bridge Constructor
  • Developer – ClockStone
  • Publisher – Headup Games
  • Size – 205MB
  • Mode – Single and Multiplayer
  • Genre – Puzzle video game

The purpose of every situation is to ensure that at least one vehicle driving across the bridge can achieve the opposite surface carefully. A bridge constructor places you in the part of a designer. Design and build bridges that reach bottomless valleys, dangerous gullies, town roads, or seething rivers. Beyond some doubt, the user hit the nail upon the head. Send vehicles and vans above your bridges and understand what happens. Bridge constructor highlights difficult material science, functional elements, and basic instructional exercise. Originality and creativity needed to play this game smoothly.

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