BloodRayne Betrayal Game PS3

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BloodRayne Betrayal

BloodRayne Betrayal PS3 game is very nice video-game and available in ISO and PKG with Updates and fix DLC. It is very nice to play on the PlayStation Network. I have also played Betrayal on my computer; yes it is also available for PC (BloodRayne Betrayal PC video game). This Betrayal game is a side-scrolling action-adventure game and it is the third main installment of the series. The Storyline of this game follows the further adventures of Rayne, a human-vampire hybrid called Dhampir. Who is employed by a vampire hunter team, the Brimstone Society, for a mission which endangers the existence of vampires and humans.

BloodRayne Betrayal PS3 ISO and PKG game received mixed to positive reviews from the critics and other many all other gaming websites and platforms. Many reviewers appreciate this game for the challenges and on other hands. Some reviewers told that this video game is just frustrating. Besides that, other critics criticize the game for its terrible handling controls, gameplay, & an obscene amount of enemies thrown at the character. BloodRayne game is very famous among the people and they like it to play on their platforms. This title introduces many new characters to the BloodRayne universe, more powers, weapons, and a new look. The ps3 video-game is an action-packed 2-Dimensional platform geared towards mature audiences.

BloodRayne Betrayal PS3 ScreenShots

BloodRayne Betrayal Playstation 3

BloodRayne Betrayal PS3

BloodRayne Betrayal ISO

Game Details

  • Game name – BloodRayne Betrayal
  • Series – BloodRayne
  • Developer – WayForward Technologies
  • Publisher – Majesco Entertainment
  • Size – 900MB
  • Mode – Only single player mode
  • Genre – Action-adventure, Hack & Slash game

The BloodRayne PlayStation 3 game unwillingness to perform the desired action and adventure at the specific moment you tap a button casts a shadow over the torrid bloodshed you perpetrate. Benign platform parts become hellacious tests of luck. Because of unresponsive inputs and predictable bosses grow to be powerful monstrosities as a result of Rayne won’t conform to your anxious commands.

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Still, there square measure times once light-weight breaks through the clouds and therefore the deep combat system works because it ought to. Enemies fall like fleshy dominoes to the ill-natured swings of your blade and you pirouette around the screen sort of an insane dancer. However, those momentaneous instances of greatness aren’t enough to extract the stake from BloodRayne Betrayal chest all told of the sport.

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