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Beyond Two Souls intelligent drama action-adventure PS3 game was developed by Quantic Dream. The game was released by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was published in October 2013. Beyond Two Souls PlayStation 3 game requiring the user to move and guide the player into co-operation with objects and other NPC’s in the scene to advance the plot. The user fundamentally controls Jodie through in-game situations. At whenever, in any case, the user can change to control Aiden.

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Beyond Two Souls PS3

Beyond Two Souls PS3 Download Beyond Two Souls PlayStation 3

Game Details

  • Game name – Beyond Two Souls
  • Series – Beyond Two Souls
  • Developer – Quantic Dream
  • Publisher – Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Size – 20GB
  • Mode – Singleplayer and Multiplayer
  • Genre – Action, adventure, and Interactive drama

Beyond Two Souls PlayStation 3 game got positive reviews by critics. While playing as Aiden, the video-game winds up plainly monochromatic. Among the shades of greys, intuitive objects are featured from a quality sparkling in 1 of a few hues. With the shade of the emanation demonstrating his potential cooperation: orange players can be controlled. Red players choked, blue protests thumped around, and green players recuperated. Jodie often calls upon Aiden to give distinctive capacities.

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