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Adventures of Pip

Adventures of Pip PS4 side-scrolling action platform game is available in ISO and PKG formats. Adventures of Pip PS4 game developed and launched by Tic Toc Games. In the gameplay, an evil witch has come and transformed the King and Queen into pixels and seized Princess Adeline. It’s dependent upon Pip to wander forward and investigate the weird scenes to rescue the damsel in trouble from the grasp of Queen DeRezzia. This is actually an excellent game for the PS4 and it published in August 2015. Our team has also played this game on the PS4 console and I really like it.

Adventures of Pip PS4 ScreenShots

Adventures of Pip PS4 Downlad Adventures of Pip Playstation4 Adventures of Pip PS4

Game Details

  • Game name – Adventures of Pip
  • Series – Adventures of Pip
  • Developer – Tic Toc Games
  • Publisher – Tic Toc Games
  • Size – 150MB
  • Mode- Single-player Mode
  • Genre – Action and platform video game

Further, in the gameplay, in Adventures of Pip, the user plays as Pip, a solitary pixel naturally introduced to a world of hello there hi-res and lo-res player. As Pip crushes his foes, he picks up the ability to develop into an eight-bit legend and later a sixteen-bit saint. Each development has its favorable conditions and hindrances. Pip also must switch between his developments to finish stages. Users should develop and revert, divider hop, push, run, break squares, buoy, gather, and fight their way through supervisors and companions till they get to the Evil Queen DeRezia.

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