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Silent Hill Homecoming 3rd-person adventure PS3 game was developed by Double Helix Games. This game is released by Konami Digital Entertainment. It was published in September 2008, for PS3. This game is also available for Xbox 360 and MS Windows. It is available in the single-player campaign mode. Silent Hill Homecoming PlayStation 3 game highlights the experience of Alex as a soldier in the fight. He uses his soldier’s abilities to kill the foes during the fight.

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Silent Hill Homecoming PlayStation 3 Silent Hill Homecoming PS3 Download Silent Hill Homecoming PS3

Game Details

  • Game name – Silent Hill Homecoming
  • Series – Silent Hill
  • Developer – Double Helix Games
  • Publisher – Konami Digital Entertainment
  • Size – 4.6GB
  • Mode – Singleplayer mode only
  • Genre – 3rd-person and Adventure video game

This game is based on the plot of a soldier Alex Shepherd. When he returns his hometown from the war. He found that his brother is missing and his father is also missing. The gameplay starts with searching for Alex’s dad and brother and goes on the silent hill in search of his dad and brother. The player walks through many different and areas and collect clues like drawing, photographs, and other items. The collected clues by the user can be read at any time by the user while playing the game. Other essential items are also included in the game like guns, ammunition, and other weapons. Health kits are also available to provide extra health and energy to the character. The player combat against many different types of foes and other monsters throughout the game.

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