PS3 Jailbreak 4.83 CFW/OFW 2019 Information

Developers of PlayStation 3 recently released 4.83 version update firmware on October 2018. In this post, I am gonna share all information about ps3 jailbreak 4.83 CFW and OFW 2019. Here are 2 methods to jailbreak your system and 1st method is custom firmware and 2nd method is HAN jailbreak system. We will cover 1st and 2nd method jailbreaks but in another article. In this article, I am just gonna cover information only 4.83 (CFW).

PS3 Jailbreak 4.83 CFW/OFW 2019

Do not update your playstation 3 gaming console to 4.83. If you already do this, you can’t jailbreak your console at this movement. Now, wait for next jailbreak update by developers. But now you can play online game after update your system firmware, so play your game online and enjoy your full online mode.

ps3 4.83 jailbreak new 2019

How to install PS3 Jailbreak 4.83 CFW Gaming Console Version

  1. First of all Extract RAR jailbreak files with Winrar Achive
  2. Now create root folder on your computer desktop “PS3”
  3. Create a new folder “UPDATE” inside PS3 folder. Example – PS3>UPDATE folder
  4. Rename jailbreak file to “PS3UPDATE.PUP”. (if you already do this then ignore it)
  5. Copy jailbreak file and paste in “UPDATE” folder. (open folder PS3>UPDATE and paste file here)
  6. Connect your USB pen-drive stick into your PC (make sure your USA format is FAT32)
  7. Copy “PS3” folder and paste this folder in your USB pen-drive Stick
  8. Plug out USB pen-drive from PC and plug into your PS3 console
  9. Go to the navigation menu and click on firmware update or system update
  10. Choose Update via mass storage option (navigation menu>system update>update via mass storage)
  11. Update file data was fount (4.83 REBUG RE)
  12. Press X button from your controller to OK
  13. Accept all terms & condition and click next…………
  14. Wait until installation complete and restart your console


I hope this article is helpful for you. We are regularly uploading best ps3 jailbreak and no jailbreak related articles, tools and games on this website. If you want any help, contact us and like our Facebook page and follow on Twitter.

PS3 CFW/OFW 4.83,4.81 Jailbreak

10 thoughts on “PS3 Jailbreak 4.83 CFW/OFW 2019 Information

  1. hello i found your site while i was searching a way to install cfw on a ps3 i bought but its updated to the latest version 4.83.
    i have been in the scene before i had phat ps3 back in the day but it ylod now i got a used slim in honnor to the good old times, but i find dificult to get a reliable source about cfw as i seen a lot of fake bloggers and sites that give you crap is it possible to install cfw in 4.83?
    best regards

  2. Can you give me a link to download JUST the .PUP file instead of a .RAR because I don’t have a PC and can’t unzip it

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