Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham Game PS3

Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham PS3 Download: – This iso and pkg game is Lego-themed and action-adventure game and it was developed by Traveller’s Tales and released by Warner Bros. it is the 3rd game in the Lego Batman themed game series. It is a sequel to the previous game in this series known as Lego Batman The Videogame and Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes. The game is published in November 2014.

Beyond Gotham, iso game was met with a generally mixed reception upon its release. The gameplay of Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham is very nice and similar to that of the previous Lego-themed Batman games. In the gameplay, you can control any one of a wide assortment of characters from a third-person background, primarily combat with enemies, collecting Lego ‘studs’ the game’s form of currency, and solving puzzles, Using fight moves combination in battle will multiply the number of studs gained. Up to 2 users can play in co-operative mode.

Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham PS3 ScreenShots

Game Details

  • Game name –Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham Game PS3
  • Series –Lego Batman
  • Developer –Traveller’s Tales, TT Fusion
  • Publisher –Warner Bros, Feral Interactive
  • Programmer – Steve Harding
  • Size –5GB
  • Mode – Single-player and Multiplayer Mode
  • Genre –Action-adventure Game

There are many different locations in the game. Some are based on DC comics’ book universe’s locations. As in previous Lego installments, stages are unlocked for ‘Free Play’ mode when you are completed in Story Mode. This mode allows users to replay any stage they have finished, but with any characters, they have unlocked so far. This permit allows to special locations containing additional collectibles that the user was unable to get to before.

Individual players are able to use several unique skills related to their comics’ talents and powers. Suck as; Super Man can fly, put out the fire with his ice breath. Flash is super faster than other characters. Atom can shrink his size and fit in the tight area. Shazam and Martian Manhunter can transform from one to another character. Several players have the same technical powers, like – combat, transformation, speed, and the power to shoot projectiles. They are all visual and aesthetically different to suit the individual players.

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