Final Fantasy VII Game PS3

Final Fantasy VII PS3 role-playing game has been launched now in PKG and ISO format. Final Fantasy VII PlayStation 3 game was developed and released by Square and was published in June 2009. This game is the seventh title in the Final Fantasy game series. The plot of this game follows Cloud Strife, a soldier who is a member of an eco-terrorist team to stop the world-controlling mega-company. Shinra, a matter of the planet life essence power resource. In the stages cloud and his allies in pursuit of Sephiroth, a superability guy intent on finishing their living planet. Further, in the game, the cloud makes guys with his team members. Adding Aerith Gainsborough, have the mystery to saving their living environment.

Final Fantasy VII PS3 ScreenShots

Game Details

  • Game name – Final Fantasy VII
  • Series – Final Fantasy
  • Developer – Square
  • Publisher – Square
  • Size – 1GB
  • Mode – Singleplayer mode only
  • Genre – Role-playing video game

Final Fantasy VII PlayStation 3 game was really popular in JPN and sold two point three million units. This game also got a positive reply from gaming critics and other portals. This game was really popular between game lovers as well as in other personalities. Final Fantasy VII game was also selected for many game award shows and got many of them. I have also played this game on my system and I actually like this game because of its action and role-playing. Further in the game, 3 styles of play the environment map, the field, and the fight screen. Users can choose any one of them as per their interest. In the gameplay, users will travel the atmosphere, talk with other players in the game, and much more.

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