Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection Game PS3

Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection PS3 Download: – Dragon Ball Z Budokai ps3 game is a fighting game and the game is base on the anime (cartoon) series Dragon Ball Z. This game is a very nice fighting game and developed by Dimps and released Bandai for Japan, Infogrames for North America. Budokai was also released in ISO and PKG format for ps3. It was published in November 2012 for PlayStation 3.

Budokai series plays like a typical 3D combat game. Together with including the regular kick and punch buttons. There are the ability and skill to shoot Ki blasts, which can also be used in specific special powers. The special actions are mainly taken by individual characters’ own special powers from the show. Including, but not limited to, Goku’s Kamehameha, Vegeta’s Galick Gun, and Frieza’s Death Beam.

Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection ScreenShots

Game Details

  • Game name –Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection Game PS3
  • Series –Dragon Ball Z
  • Developer –Dimps
  • Publisher –Bandai
  • Size –3GB
  • Mode – Single Player, Multiplayer Mode
  • Genre –Fighting Game

The game follows the Dragon Ball Z timeline starting with the main character Goku and Piccolo’s battle with Raditz up to Gohan’s last fight with Cell with a total of 20 playable characters. The features including in this game were a story mode, a VS mode, a tournament match, a practice match, and an items and weapons shop which allows the player to buy various customization skills and abilities using money that was going through the various challenges in the main story-mode and tournament stage victories to customize and make the most powerful fighters.

The story mode was divided into special episodes, initially having the player battle predominantly as Goku (hero) and Gohan through the Namek, Saiyan, and Android Sagas before unblocking bonus episodes by different perspectives such as Piccolo and Vegeta. The Story mode also including a few “what if” chapters to play with the enemies of each saga, retelling iconic updates in Dragon Ball game history with a few new features.

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