Chronicles of Teddy Harmony of Exidus Game PS4

Chronicles of Teddy Harmony of Exidus PS4 platform action-adventure game is available in ISO and PKG. This PlayStation 4 game developed by LookAtMyGame and released by Aksys Games. Chronicles of Teddy Harmony of Exidus received positive reviews from gaming experts. As per the game story, a young female enters a gateway driving from her house into dreamland to save her friend and the area from evil. After this set-up, the composition is irrelevant and the account should to a great extent be deduced with environmental pieces of info, as the non-playable characters talk in melodic notes. That can, in the long run, be interpreted by finding musical runes.

Chronicles of Teddy Harmony of Exidus PS4 ScreenShots

Game Details

  • Game name – Chronicles of Teddy Harmony of Exidus
  • Series – Chronicles of Teddy
  • Developer – LookAtMyGame
  • Publisher – Aksys Games
  • Size – 326MB
  • Mode – Singleplayer mode only
  • Genre – Platform and adventure video game

In the game, the user controls a young female. She is at 1st equipped with a weak weapon. In spite of the point that she can at 1st do close to nothing, however, run and jump, she will, in the great run, have the capability to buy various equipment and items. That will redesign her capabilities. Huge numbers of these items can be purchased in shops by spending marbles. Which is the in-universe cash. As the non-playable character exchange is generally difficult until some other time in the diversion. The user must find various elements of the environment, including game mechanics, menus, and so on, through experimentation.

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