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Braid PS3 platform puzzle game is launched now in ISO and PKG format. Braid PlayStation 3 game was developed and released by Number None. This is a really well-developed game and was published in November 2009. The essential plot elements unfurl as the protagonist, Tim, tries to defend a princess from a monster. Content parts laid all through the game uncover a multifaceted narrative, giving hints about Tim’s ideas and inspirations. The game features conventional parts of the level type while coordinating various forces of time control. Using these capabilities, the users advance by finding and gathering jigsaw astound pieces.

Braid PS3 ScreenShots

Game Details

  • Game name – Braid
  • Series – Braid
  • Developer – Number None
  • Publisher – Number None
  • Size – 400MB
  • Mode – Singleplayer mode only
  • Genre – Puzzle, Platform video game

Mesh is played by tackling physical puzzles in a standard-level game situation. The user controls the protagonist Tim as he runs, jumps, and climbing over the game stages. Tim jumps and walks on foes to defeat them, and can gather clues to open paths or work levers to trigger levels. Besides that, a characterizing game element is the character’s boundless capability to turn around time and “rewind” actions, even in the wake of biting the dust. The game is separated into 6 worlds, which are experienced successively and can be gone into from different rooms of Tim’s home; the users can come back to any environment beforehand went to try to fathom bewilders they missed.

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